The vineyards of Tenuta Pescarina stand suspended between the Adriatic Sea and the peaks of Majella. We are in the beautiful region of Abruzzo, in the small municipality of Spoltore in the province of Pescara.


Spoltore (from the Germanic word “Spelt,” meaning spelt, which was abundant in its countryside) is nestled on a panoramic hill sculpted by the Pescara River. The municipality, located in the province of Pescara, is about 6 km from the coast. It preserves and guards a medieval historic center, with civil and religious buildings of architectural value and seven foundations that constituted the vital core of the city’s commerce. 

Among the events organized by the Municipality and Associations throughout the year, the Spoltore Ensemble stands out. It is an artistic and cultural event held in August, when Spoltore becomes a “City Stage” where theater, dance, music, and visual art are performed directly in the squares and streets, with the audience interacting with the artists. The Spoltore Ensemble hosts some of the greatest names in theater, dance, music, and art, firmly establishing itself among the major regional and national cultural events. The religious rituals also hold importance, such as the Good Friday Procession and the Holy Easter representation called “L’Addolorata o La Madonna che corre” (The Sorrowful or The Running Madonna).

Another important promotion project is the Spoltour, which arises from the collaboration between the Municipal Tourism Department and various local associations. The project identifies and organizes discovery and educational routes for tourists (and not only) to the most beautiful places in the city from an architectural, monumental, landscape, and historical perspective. 

Distance from Pescara Railway Station: 6 km
Distance from Pescara Liberi Airport: 5 km
Distance from Rome: 150 km


In the Cerulli Irelli Estate, there are two buildings of historical and architectural importance: the TORRE DE STERLICH and the CONVENT OF SAN PANFILO FUORI LE MURA.

The Torre Sterlich dates back to the 16th century and belonged to the Barone di Cermignano Lutio Sterlich in the 17th century. It was an ancient observation tower used to safeguard the surrounding area from potential attacks. Today, the Tower is owned by the Cerulli Irelli family and stands tall over the entire estate, standing alone to protect the vineyards, olive groves, and cultivated fields. In 2023, an important restoration project began to restore the Tower to its ancient splendor. An impressive renovation aimed at making the Tower an innovative yet rustic structure, accessible to the entire community and tourists.

The Convent of San Panfilo Fuori le Mura was originally built in the 11th century as a monastery and became the property of the Cerulli Irelli family in the early 1900s. The Convent showcases a neomedieval facade built between 1912 and 1913, designed by architect Ernest Wille. Today, thanks to extensive restoration work, the structure presents itself as a unique and exclusive location for organizing high-profile events and ceremonies. Adjacent to the Convent is the Church of San Panfilo Fuori le Mura, founded by the Benedictines in the Romanesque period. The baroque modernization of the church began with its transfer to the Franciscans who arrived in Spoltore in 1617. The architectural complex, consisting of the Church of San Panfilo Fuori le Mura and the adjacent fifteenth-century convent, is located on a hill overlooking the town, offering a wide and enchanting panorama that is particularly breathtaking at sunset.

Discover the convent of san panfilo


The Pescarina Estate is located in Abruzzo, just a few kilometers from the most attractive tourist destinations in the region. The proximity to the Adriatic coast and major transportation infrastructures such as the railway station and Pescara Liberi Airport make the Estate easily accessible.


The Estate is only 10 minutes away from the beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife of the city of Pescara and 30 minutes from the Costa dei Trabocchi, where you can find ancient fishing machines called “trabocchi” typical of the coastal towns in this area. The 40 km of coastline characterized by the Trabocco are certainly the most beautiful stretch of the Abruzzo coast. Here, you can admire breathtaking panoramas, cliffs plunging into the sea, enjoy typical seafood dishes on the trabocchi, or have a quick sunset aperitif at the numerous kiosks along the cycle path that runs along the coast.


The Estate is approximately one hour away from the Majella National Park, which is considered one of the green channels of the Abruzzo region. It is a natural oasis that features different plant and rare animal species, towering peaks, and countless trails to explore on foot, by bike, or on horseback. Within the territory of the Majella Park, there are seven state nature reserves and numerous picturesque villages, small towns, abbeys, and hermitages that will captivate all history, art, archaeology, and nature enthusiasts.